"This is truly the most incredible boat I've ever been on. The only way to really appreciate a Spencer boat is to take a ride on one!"

~Capt. Bull Tolson

Captain of Spencer 60' "Sea Toy"

"To begin with, Paul Spencer builds an awesome boat and it's not by accident. Paul's core focus is on making his boats run really well in the ocean and it makes a difference. His boats are also "drop dead" gorgeous. Paul has a unique talent for creating a beautiful boat. They look great at the dock and they look even better running in the ocean. An added bonus is that building a boat with Paul is a thoroughly enjoyable experience. The process of going from a set of plans to the launching of a new boat should be fun and with Spencer Yachts it is! An an owner you learn a lot and you get to associate with the best of people. Spencer Yachts will be building my next one!"

~Smyth Mckissick

Owner of Spencer 53' "Chasin"

"The Spencer 43' is absolutely the most incredible boat I have ever run. In a rough ocean you would swear you were in a sixty footer, dry and comfortable. Amazing is the only word for the handling, maneuverability, spinning and backing down on a blue marlin. This boat is truly a dream. With the simplicity of IPS technology anyone can dock the Forty-Three with confidence."

~Capt. Casey Hunt

Captain of the 43' Express "Meant 2 Be

"Building my 76' Spencer boat has been one of the most exciting experiences, along working with Paul and his team was a true pleasure. They were extremely accommodating and exceeded my wildest expectations. However, taking delivery of the boat, putting it to the test in some serious weather, and then to catch 153 Blue Marlin in 40 days simply blew me away!"

~Mike Brauser

Owner of Spencer 76' "Betsy

"I have fished on many different boats and feel 'hands down' the Spencer Yachts is the finest boat made today. I feel winning tournaments and consistently catching fish can be contributed to fishing on a Spencer Yacht. As the fishing gets more and more competitive, this company continues to make innovative improvements that give us professional fishing teams the competitive edge. In addition I would like to thank Paul Spencer and everyone at Spencer Yachts for all their help and support!"

~Capt. Eddie Wheeler

2004 Captain of the Year